Fall Into Fun Changes

When the weather gets cooler, if you’re anything like me, you long to change things up around your home.  I certainly love to rearrange my furniture and accessories in anticipation of the holidays.  Don’t you?

It’s funny how the simplest of  tweaks in your home decor can make such a huge impact on how you see your living space!

Say taking a buffet table and re-purposing it as a sofa table.  Or how about those chairs that no one sits in that are stuck in the spare guest room– wouldn’t they look so great on both sides of a table in your entry?!

Remember in cooler weather, we want to add texture to a room so get that soft blanket out and drape it over a chair.

It’s about changing things up, and  thinking outside the box, making yourself feel like you’re some place new or on a much desired vacation!

But please remember the most important rule…. Have fun!

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