Interior Design World Market

Have you heard of the Las Vegas World Mart?  It’s an event that happens twice a year, where all retail stores and top designers go to buy their merchandise, furniture and accessories for wholesale.  The permanent World Mart consists of three buildings, each boasting over a million square feet of showrooms.  To do your trip justice, you need to plan on at least 2-3 days to experience this grand event.


World Mart Las Vegas


In years past, I have taken clients with me to ‘The Mart.’  These clients have gone with the desire to redesign entire rooms in their homes.  Not only did they save thousands of dollars, but they had me, their designer to help guide them with their design concept.

The beauty of going to this event is that you get to touch and feel and experience the fabulous merchandise that you’re considering for your home.  Sometimes, while perusing through your favorite design magazine, you wonder ‘Where do I find these treasures?’



The answer to that question?  The World Mart in Las Vegas.  Contact me at Tom (at) TWFDesigns (dot) com to come with me.  The date is fast approaching:  July 30, 2012 – August 3, 2012.

*Please ask me about travel discounts


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