Let’s get specific

Let’s talk about the specifics on getting a cleaner and more contemporary look throughout your home.  One of the keys to accomplishing this is to eliminate 1/3 of your accessories.  We know how much you love Aunt Edith’s crotcheted pink heart, but it’s time to put it away.  Now look around your home and embrace how an uncluttered home would feel.  Today we are going to talk about lighting and family photos.

Try taking all family photos and designating them to one area of your home.  Whether it be on a bookshelf or in a hallway, the key to a pulled together look is keeping them in one area and also displaying them in the same frame. The size of your frames can vary but the style whether your preference be black, brass or brushed nickel, keep them uniform for that rich, classic look.

A lot of people forget about lighting in a room.  If a lamp works, why replace it, right?  But nothing dates a home like old lighting from an old lamp.  With so many discount home stores, it’s very affordable to replace lighting and update your look.  Don’t forget that height is drama and height is elegance, so be sure to avoid short and squatty lamps.  What you want to get away from is everything in your home stopping at eye level.  In other words, you want to vary the height of your decor and this is where your new and above eye level lamps will make an impact.

If your budget doesn’t allow for new lamps, a little design trick is to take three leather bound books, stack them at different angles and use them as a base for your existing table lamp.  This will give your lamp the new height and interest you desire.  Rule of thumb:  Your lighting should always be a minimum of 36″ high.  While we are on the subject of not replacing your lamps, an affordable change is to simply replace the shades and finials.  Remember the old adage of opposite shapes.  So, if you have a square based lamp get a round shade and vice versa.  Talk about a fast and inexpensive way to update.

We are in the process of ‘Changing the place you live, into the place you love to live.’  Until next time…



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