A new year — A new energy

We keep hearing all around us how this is the year for change, that great things are coming our way. Everywhere we look we are bombarded with a promise of new and better things to come from politicians, psychics and world leaders. Big changes are headed our way, why not begin making these changes within our homes.

My new clients are always astounded at how much my services, as their interior designer, saves them time and money. For instance, I have a new client and we recently tweaked her home with a new entry chandelier, a new color wash technique on the walls, some fabric panels for her windows, and a new rug under her dining room table. She was amazed at how efficient and inexpensive the entire process was. By using designer discounts and wholesale pricing, we were able to bring these projects in well under her budget.

Take a moment and look at your current surroundings, you’d be delighted by what a difference new throw pillows, new end tables and new lamps can make for a minimal cost. These simple additions will bring in a new energy that will propel you into all of these positive changes that are coming your way in the new year.

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