Unique Holiday Decorating Tips

Who wants some fun ideas for repurposing their Thanksgiving decorations for their next holiday season?

You can take gords, pumpkins, and stalks of wheat, basically any of your left over Thanksgiving foliage, not food, but foliage, highlight them with a touch of gold metallic spray paint and layer them in your mantel garlands. This idea also works great within your holiday centerpieces.

One area of the room that people tend to overlook while decorating for the holidays are their beautiful chandeliers. With your extra pieces of trim, you can jazz them up by draping garland or hanging ornaments. Remember, you want to wire an ornament on versus hanging them, to create a more finished and fluid look.

Give every room in your house a little holiday cheer. Don’t forget to put a little sprig of holly near your kitchen canisters, a touch of sparkle in your vanity, a single poinsettia next to a lamp in your bedroom. These are all fantastic ways to bring the joy of the season into all areas your home.

But above all, while decorating, approach your holiday projects with joy. This is the time to create your lasting holiday memories. Save a peppermint stick for me!

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