Simple and fun tips for your Thanksgiving table

Are you hosting Thanksgiving festivities this year? How are you feeling about setting your Thanksgiving table? A little nervous, perhaps? Bored with the same way you have been setting your table for the past several years? Here are a few tips to transform your table into a welcoming place to give and show your thanks this holiday season.

Is this your first year hosting your own Thanksgiving with limited tableware? Or maybe you have a few sets of tableware that you’d like to showcase this holiday? One of my favorite and unique table setting tips is to meld two or more sets of tableware together on one table. Make it fun and go all out with this idea. Do every other set with different napkins, stemware and silverware. That way, when you are seated, you and your neighbor will now have an additional feast for your eyes with the unpatterned table set up.

Along these same lines, a unique and fun way to add a flourish is to use a lot of different candle holders. Be sure they are different sizes, shapes, heights and warm colors as this will add an element of texture and interest to your Thanksgiving table.

When focusing on the center of your holiday table, use natural products, such as, real gords and squash, corn cobs, nut and small pumpkins. The rich colors and unique shapes will only compliment the texture you already have going with your candleholders. Be sure to stock up on those cute mini pumpkins because these are the perfect customized place card holders. Simply make a split in the stem or gently place the name card against the stem to make table seating a breeze for your guests.


Texturize Your Thanksgiving Table


The one key item to remember when decorating your Thanksgiving table is that this is a very texturized and warm event. It should almost feel like you are sitting fown to your Thanksgiving table in the middle of nature.

Have fun and save me a drumstick!

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