Designing All Hallow’s Eve for you and your Lil’ Goblins

In honor of the changing weather, I want to bring you some fresh ideas on how to decorate for the upcoming holidays.  Let’s start with Halloween, since it is rapidly approaching.

Let’s take lifestyles and choices into account.  Two of the most important being, the age of your children and budget restraints.

1.  Small Children- Clearly, we want to think safety first, so this eliminates the need to set out small items that can endanger the little ones.  I always love to see brightly colored, plush Halloween characters.  A large, soft pumpkin or a scary witch worked in with your fall decor.  This is a fantastic way to add more jewelry to your room while making your wee ones smile with delight.

2.  Older Children-  You know, those older little people who have their own opinions on your Halloween decor.  Let them be a part of the process but set guidelines and teach them to group their Halloween decorations to make a bigger, bolder statement versus a bunch of little things scattered around the house.

3. Child-free households- You know those households, the ones our mom friends dream of having one day?  QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, I can’t stress this enough, friends.  It is better to have one or two striking pieces in an entry way than to have numerous discount store finds cluttering the your home.



Remember to have fun with this holiday!  Let’s see if you can come up with some original decorating ideas of your own.  Please share them with me as I always love to get new ideas.  I’d love to see what you do for this spooky holiday.

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