Classic Design Resides In Disneyland

On Monday, I got the unique privilege of going to Club 33, the only private club inside Disneyland.  On top of the great food, atmosphere and history of the venue, I was blown away by the great interior design.  Once again, I am reminded, in classic design, less is more.

From the moment I was granted access into the private club, I was guided towards the antique cage elevator which resides within the beautiful foyer.  Once I arrived on the second floor, I was greeted by a rich hallway with stunning wood flooring.  On both sides of the hallway, Disney memorabilia complimented the decor which brought back a lifetime of Disney memories.

Lounge Alley and Hallway of Club 33

Once in the main dining room, I was taken aback by the fluidity of the classic design elements.  The china coordinated with the wall coverings and draperies effortlessly, as well as the carpeting and light fixtures perfectly complimenting the classic furniture. 

Elegant Dining in Club 33

The feeling I experienced was one of understated elegance which speaks volumes for classic design.  Design is all about evoking a feeling of comfort and happiness and Club 33 excels on every level.  From a designer’s point of view, this was an experience I wont soon forget.

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