Change your look with the seasons

A change in the seasons, is a great opportunity for a fresh look in any room of your home.  I believe in rotating accessories meaning, putting your lighter, more whimsical items away and replacing them with your warm colored treasures.   Simple changes such as exchanging your pillows and rugs for a deeper, richer more textured fabric can instantly transport you into that pre-holiday feel. Depending on your personal color preferences around your home, you can simply adjust your surroundings to the deeper, warmer shades of Fall and Winter.

A couple of great resources for this project to stay within your budget, are vintage outlets and consignment stores.

Let’s not forget the added bonus of exhileration you get when you walk into your new room.  By changing your look with the seasons, you will experience  that feeling as often as you like throughout the year.

Tell me your simplest change up ideas.  What are your favorite fall  and winter colors? What are some of your favorite accessories to rotate? Would you agree with me that less is more?


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